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On the Line is a lively forum where important personages including local and foreign diplomats, policy experts, academics, and government officials, are invited to discuss current events and issues involving Taiwan and the world. On the Line broadcasts worldwide every Sunday (Taiwan Time) and is available on demand.

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20 December, 2020
Taiwan-Palau travel bubble soon?

Ambassador Dilmei Louisa Olkeriil from Palau said travel bubble or travel corridor between Taiwan and Palau has been discussed and she hopes that it will be implemented by the end of this month or in early January 2021.Palau is one of the less than 10 countries in the world that are COVID-free meaning that no single person in Palau has been infected with the virus ever since the coronavirus broke out in late December 2019. Ambassador Dilmei Louisa Olkeriil said Taiwan has not had local infections for more than 220 days and she believes it is now the time to initiate the travel bubble program between the two countries.

13 December, 2020
Amb.Diane Haylock talks about her career

Amb.Diane Haylock said as CEO of National Institute of Culture and History in Belize for 8 years, her cultural work had to deal with diplomacy. She has a strong development background as she did her master’s program in development studies in the Netherlands. Amb.Diane Haylock is a firm believer in social justice and is also a strong advocate for women’s rights. How did she get into diplomacy and why did she pursue her education in the Netherlands? What is her goal for 2021? Find out the answers and more on this week’s On the Line.

06 December, 2020
Taiwan and Belize ink economic pact

Taiwan and Belize signed an economic cooperation agreement in late September. Belize is a member of the Caribbean Community Common Market (CARICOM) and the Ambassador of Belize, Diane Haylock said Taiwan and Belize worked on the agreement in 2019 and it took them a year to sign the agreement because CARICOM had to vet the agreement to ensure that it does not adversely affect the CARICOM grouping which is made up of 15 member states. The Ambassador said the agreement will be beneficial for both sides in the future.

29 November, 2020
Amb.Diane Haylock discusses tourism in Belize

Belize relies heavily on tourism and according to the statistics by Belize Tourism Board, Belize welcomed a total of 503 thousand overnight visitors in 2019, more than 100% growth from the previous year and cruise ship arrivals also surpassed 1 million mark for the fourth consecutive year. But this year, faced with the pandemic, Belize had closed its borders for several months and just reopened in October. According to the ambassador of Belize, Ambassador Diane Haylock the peak season starts from November until the end of April. The government has launched the Tourism Gold Standard recognition program for hotels with the hope to enhance the health and safety standards of the tourism industry. 

22 November, 2020
Interview with the ambassador of Belize, Amb.Diane Haylock

The ambassador of Belize, Ambassador Diane Haylock said 2019 marked the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic ties between Taiwan and Belize adding that the relations are strong and solid as a rock. The two sides have had many cooperative projects and today we start with  health project. Faced with the pandemic and to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Belize, Ambassador Diane Haylock said Taiwan has donated masks during times of need and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), medical equipment, testing kits, thermal imaging cameras and laboratory supplies for frontline medical service providers. For years, Taiwan through Taiwan ICDF (International Cooperation and Development Fund) has helped train hundreds of health personnel from Belize and one signature program is geared towards the prevention and control of renal failure in Belize. 

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