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In Time Traveler, John Van Trieste takes you back into history. Get to know the events that have a profound impact on Taiwan, and get to know the people and places that made it all happen. So what're you waiting for? Get on the RTI time machine!

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19 March, 2021
The Memoirs of a Secret Listener

On the evening of March 31, 1980 at around 8:00pm, Wang Huimin is in a downtown Taipei office. A radio is on in the background, playing a news bulletin. She wri ...more

12 March, 2021
The secrets of Taiwan's old tiger flag

In the National Taiwan Museum, a replica of a battered old flag sits behind a glass panel. The right half is missing, but the form of a Chinese tiger staring de ...more

05 March, 2021
The Fall of Dutch Formosa (Part Two)

We return this week to a sheltered bay in southern Taiwan. A massive army has been camped there for months. They have come to take possession of the island in t ...more

26 February, 2021
The Fall of Dutch Formosa (Part One)

For much of the 17th Century, southern Taiwan was under Dutch rule. From its nerve-center in Batavia, today’s Jakarta, the Dutch East India Company ensure ...more

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