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Music Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes

Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes

If you like Chinese or Taiwanese traditional music, then you must not miss Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes. A favorite of many, this program is listed as one of the top ten shows in 2001, 2005, 2007 and 2009 by Passport to the World Band Radio, a leading shortwave magazine. A vast array of instruments are featured and it is a show that will satisfy your hunger for exotic music.

What's On

14 January, 2015
Original soundtrack of TV drama-Dana Sakura

In 1995, the eighty-two-year old heroine, Er-bin talked about the Wushe Event in front of the camera…In the flashback to 1920, as a girl of seven in h ...more

07 January, 2015
Crystal Bliss

Tea-colored crystal’s energy can balance your body and mind as well as ase the turbulence of your thoughts. Its nature can help you intimately connect ...more

31 December, 2014
Music by Taiwan’s Chinese Orchestra

Taiwan’s National Chinese Orchestra was founded in 1984 by Taiwan’ Ministry of Education with the original name “National Taiwan Academy of Arts Exper ...more

24 December, 2014
Huqin music by Huang Chenda

Hu qin is a Chinese bowed string instrument and this week’s Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes features a selection of classic pieces such as Horse Race, Spr ...more

17 December, 2014
This week’s Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes features a collection of

This week’s Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes features a collection of performances of winners of the 1995 International Chinese Music Competition in mainla ...more

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