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Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes

If you like Chinese or Taiwanese traditional music, then you must not miss Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes. A favorite of many, this program is listed as one of the top ten shows in 2001, 2005, 2007 and 2009 by Passport to the World Band Radio, a leading shortwave magazine. A vast array of instruments are featured and it is a show that will satisfy your hunger for exotic music.

What's On

10 December, 2014
Erhu Music by Zhu Changyao

Listen to some famous Taiwanese folk music performed by Zhu Changyao on this week’s Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes. Zhu Changyao is a famous Chinese erhu ...more

03 December, 2014
Nanguan Music

Known as one of the most refined types of Chinese music, Nanguan had been regarded as a representative of the court music of Han (206 BC-220 AD) and T ...more

26 November, 2014
Beijing Angelic Choir

Beijing Angelic Choir is made up of the elites from several local choirs in Beijing, China. The Choir sings some famous Taiwanese tunes such as Prayin ...more

19 November, 2014
Suona Concerto Lady Hua Mulan

Based on singing on of the Yuju local opera from Henan province, China, this work gives rein to the specialty of the suona instrument imitating the si ...more

12 November, 2014
Northwestern Melodies by Wang Luobin

The folk melodies by Wang Luobin were arranged by Kwan Nai-chung and performed by Russian Philharmonic Orchestra with the conductor, Mak Ka-lok. Some ...more

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