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Food lies at the center of almost every aspect of life in Taiwan – from the red hard boiled eggs that mark a birth to the offerings used to commemorate the dead, and every ritual in between. Eating is a communal experience, too, with friends and family members digging into steaming plates at the center of a round table.

And of course, there are the truly Taiwanese fragrances and flavors that waft from restaurants and apartment kitchens at dusk every night. Stewed pork on rice, stinky tofu, even the simplest of homemade dumplings are enough to conjure up memories among overseas Taiwanese longing for the flavors of home. Pull up a chair and join hosts Andrew Ryan and Ellen Chu for their weekly dinner date in Feast Meets West, Saturdays on RTI. Each episode features a menu filled with the wonderful foods, people, and topics related to food culture in Taiwan.

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17 April, 2021
10 April, 2021

In mid-March, Sushi restaurant chain Akindo Sushiro offered free sushi to anybody named Salmon in a marketing campaign they hoped would go viral. The campaign led to some unforeseen consequences: people started legally changing their names to get free sushi! In today's Feast, we'll give you a more compelling reason to change your name to salmon. 

03 April, 2021

The words "spit" or "saliva" might not be the most appetizing language for describing food, but today we'll be talking about a classic Sichuanese dish named for the fact that it's so tasty that it induces uncontrollable salivation!

27 March, 2021

It's been almost a month since China banned the import of Taiwanese pineapples (on March 1), and now they are more popular than ever! Join us as we delight in some of the many creative ways that pineapples have entered our cuisine and our lives!

20 March, 2021

Yesterday (March 19) was Ellen's birthday, so in keeping with an age-old tradition, we’ve prepared a delicious bowl of "longevity noodles" (長壽麵) for Ellen to slurp down!

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