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We know it's impossible for you to come join us at the metaphorical office water cooler to hear what we talk about in the newsroom. That's why we created the program: Hear in Taiwan. Tune in every weekday for a panel discussion with the news team to learn about the stories that caught our attention but did not quite make their way into the nightly newscast.


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28 July, 2021
Are crowds safe?

How worried are you about crowds?  Taiwan just lifted its Level 3 COVID-19 restrictions on Tuesday and the majority are worried that the move could be too soon.  Tune into Hear in Taiwan to hear that story, Olympic highlights and all about Taiwanese breakfasts with Natalie Tso and Shirley Lin.

26 July, 2021
Hear in Taiwan

You'll never believe the speeding ticket one Taichung man got, nor how fast he was going! Plus, why Time Magazine is saying that Taipei is one of the world's best places and a discussion about the plans to release two zoo-born leopard cats into the wild.

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