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With In the Spotlight, you get to meet people from all walks of life, whether Taiwanese or foreigners who are living in Taiwan. Every week, they will each begin by telling a story that has impacted their lives. See how Shirley Lin guides them in casual interviews as they talk about Taiwan through their perspectives. You'll also learn about their "firsts" and "favorites" on the island. Enjoy getting to know Taiwan's greatest assets - its people!

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30 May, 2021
More about Ang Lee

Whitney Crothers Dilley is a professor at Shih Hsin University in Taipei, teaching English Literature and Film. She became fascinated with Taiwanese American fim director Ang Lee's life that she wrote two books about him. On this week's In the Spotlight, Whitney tells more about the Oscar winning director to make you love him even more.

23 May, 2021
Not just a fan of Ang Lee

Whitney Crothers Dilley is a professor of English Literature and Film at Shih Hsin University. Tune in to In the Spotlight to hear why she has such a fondness for the Taiwanese American movie director Ang Lee.

16 May, 2021
HK director debuts her first film

Doris Wong is a new Taipei resident from Hong Kong. She is a comparative literature major turned filmmaker. Today on In the Spotlight, she talks about the fun, laughter and tears in making her first movie, New Turn, in Taiwan.

09 May, 2021
Still loves movies the most

Doris Wong is from Hong Kong and just moved to Taiwan last year. She decided to become a filmmaker when she realized that watching movies is what she loves the most. Hear her story about her upcoming first movie "New Turn" on In the Spotlight. 

02 May, 2021
TIDF 2021

This week's In the Spotlight introduces the biennial Taiwan International Documentary Festival 2021 which will go on for ten days from April 30-May 9.

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