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With In the Spotlight, you get to meet people from all walks of life, whether Taiwanese or foreigners who are living in Taiwan. Every week, they will each begin by telling a story that has impacted their lives. See how Shirley Lin guides them in casual interviews as they talk about Taiwan through their perspectives. You'll also learn about their "firsts" and "favorites" on the island. Enjoy getting to know Taiwan's greatest assets - its people!

What's On

25 May, 2014
Handol Kim, a stand up comedian

Handol Kim has a regular job, but his hobby is being a stand up comedian. It was a dream he's had since he was young. Recommended by his wife who thinks he needs something to relieve stress coming from his job, he finally really tried doing comedy and got rave reviews on his first appearance on stage. Tune in not only to hear about Handol's interesting twist in life, but also to learn from him about the different forms of stand up comedy, on People.

04 May, 2014
Wally Shih

Wally Shih is an adventurer despite his physical disability. He only has one good hand and one good leg, but he has overcome obstacles and learned how to surf, play baseball, swim, paraglide, and travel to Japan by himself for one month!! And lots more. Hear him share about his adventurous life in the May 4 episode of People. Then find out on May 11 why Wally has been given the nickname "Protect Shark Man".

27 April, 2014
Veziane Faure

Veziane Faure opened a quaint French linen shop called Marchand de linge tucked away in an alley in downtown Taipei. She talks of how French people love the color white while most Taiwanese people avoid the color for bed linen and how the French love to show their bedrooms to guests, opposite from Taiwanese people. Have a listen to the relaxed interview that Shirley Lin had with Veziane, on People.

13 April, 2014
Lisa Wang

Lisa Wang is a Taiwanese celebrity but she grew up in the States starting at the age of 7. So little did I know that her English is better than her Chinese. Besides being a TV travel program host, event host and model, she loves to promote and give to charity work. Hear her story on People on April 13 and 20.

30 March, 2014
Father Jerry Martinson

Father Jerry Martinson, also known as Uncle Jerry, went into TV production "by accident" just because he can sing and play the guitar. People used to find it hard to associate a Jesuit priest with show biz.  Uncle Jerry shares some interesting stories since arriving in Taiwan 48 years ago. The interview is presented in two parts, on March 30 and April 6, on People.

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