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In the Spotlight

With In the Spotlight, you get to meet people from all walks of life, whether Taiwanese or foreigners who are living in Taiwan. Every week, they will each begin by telling a story that has impacted their lives. See how Shirley Lin guides them in casual interviews as they talk about Taiwan through their perspectives. You'll also learn about their "firsts" and "favorites" on the island. Enjoy getting to know Taiwan's greatest assets - its people!

What's On

13 July, 2014
Ethan Garcia

Ethan Garcia is General Manager of o3-Fitness Center in Taipei. He used to be a professional kickboxer from Australia. He came to Taiwan two years to open up a ...more

29 June, 2014
Paul Cheng

Paul Cheng is a heavyweight mixed martial arts contender who is ready to fight in Taiwan for the first time in July. In fact, it will be the very first MMA cham ...more

15 June, 2014
Edward Shen

Edward Shen is the Cofounder and CEO of StorySense Computing. Besides being the founder of the online yellow pages app, What's The Number, he is in the process ...more

01 June, 2014
Andy Kincart

Andy Kincart has been in Taiwan almost 20 years. He became interested in the Asian culture while in California and decided to come to Taiwan to learn Chinese. W ...more

25 May, 2014
Handol Kim, a stand up comedian

Handol Kim has a regular job, but his hobby is being a stand up comedian. It was a dream he's had since he was young. Recommended by his wife who thinks he need ...more

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