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The Strait Up Podcast

Host Chris Gorin interviews experts about global affairs with a focus on East Asia and offering a perspective from Taiwan. 

The Strait Up Podcast is the successor to Taiwan Today hosted by Natalie Tso.

What's On

19 May, 2023
Maritime Safety between Japan, Taiwan and US and G7 thoughts with Yuki Tatsumi

This weekend, the G7 meeting will be held in Hiroshima, Japan. In light of that, in this episode of the podcast I bring you another interview with a t ...more

12 May, 2023
Japan's view of Taiwan w/ Jeffrey Hornung (RAND Corporation)

As tensions have heated up in the Taiwan Strait the past several years, public conversations about Taiwan, its defense and the various scenarios arisi ...more

05 May, 2023
Czech Parliament Speaker Markéta Pekarová Adamová

In our premiere episode, host Chris Gorin has a conversation with Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies (lower house of the Czech parliament) Markéta Pek ...more

28 April, 2023
Taiwan's iconic dishes

Food journalist Clarissa Wei shares about the stories behind Taiwan's iconic dishes. ...more

14 April, 2023
Taiwanese cuisine

Food journalist Clarissa Wei shares what makes Taiwanese unique and different than Chinese cuisine. ...more

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