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16 April, 2021

Taiwan has been one of the safest places in the world during the pandemic, but what about its transportation systems? In the wake of a deadly train accident that killed 49 on April 2, Natalie Tso speaks with National Chiao Tung University disaster risk expert, Associate Professor Shan Hsin-yi, about what the Taiwan Railways Administration and Taiwan's safety culture needs to change.

09 April, 2021

In the wake of the deadliest train accident in 73 years, Natalie Tso speaks with dissster risk expert, National Chiao Tung University Associate Professor of Civil Engineering Shan Hsin-yu, about what the Taiwan Railways Admn. needs to change in its safety systems to prevent tragedies like these.

02 April, 2021

Tune into Taiwan Today as we hear from Voice of America White House Correspondent Huang Yao Yi about the latest in US-China relations and President Joe Biden's health.

26 March, 2021

On Taiwan Today, Natalie Tso speaks with Centers for Disease Control Acute Infectious Diseases Division Director Dr. Yang Ching-hui talks about Taiwan's vaccine plan and the projected effectiveness of the vaccines in returning life to normal. 

19 March, 2021

How effective are COVID-19 vaccines and, as millions become vaccinated, when will the world return to normal? Join Natalie Tso as she speaks with Taiwan's CDC Division Director of Acute Infectious Disease Dr. Yang Chin-Hui about Taiwan's plan to vaccinate its people and when she thinks the world will return to normal.

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