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In 2004, RTI host Andrew Ryan began recording the sounds of Taiwan and creating "sound postcards" which he sent to listeners around the world via the air waves.

Now, the sounds of Taiwan take center stage in a new series of 5-minute programs that dig deeper into the stories and people of this island. Join Andrew on this audio journey into the heart of Taiwan and its people.

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17 April, 2021
10 April, 2021

After three weeks occupying the nation's legislature, Taiwanese students finally vacated the premises on April 10, 2014. Today we revisit an episode that aired the day after the protests concluded seven years ago. 

03 April, 2021

It seems like everyone has his or her own “small world” story – I’ve run into friends at random airports in foreign countries numerous times, so of course it’s no longer a surprise when I run into someone I know in the middle of Taipei. Globalization and the internet are shrinking our world. We even have a theme song for this phenomenon, which has arguably become the most performed and translated song in the world.

27 March, 2021

I believe that there is a certain age when your inner child begins to die. For some people, it happens early, but for others, like me, it’s a life-long battle to prolong the life of that little guy inside.

20 March, 2021

It’s funny how in big cities you will always find birds. You’d think they’d prefer to live in the countryside or by the beach, or in a nice forest. It’s not like they have to live in the city because that’s where the jobs are, or because they prefer the night life. But one kind of bird you’ll find in the big city that you won’t find anywhere else, is the fake bird.

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