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VIDEO: Taiwanese Salmon populations improving swimmingly

  • 16 March, 2023
  • Chris Gorin
VIDEO: Taiwanese Salmon populations improving swimmingly
The Taiwanese Salmon has gone from a population of 200 in 1995 to more than 15,000 due to conservation efforts. (Photo: CNA)

The Taiwanese Salmon was once one of the most endangered fish species on the planet. However, after years of hard work, conservation efforts are finally paying off. 

Video script:

It's o-fish-al, years of efforts to repopulate the Taiwanese Salmon are paying dividends. The Taiwanese Salmon was considered at risk of extinction in 1995. With a recorded population of only 200 at that time, there was no bigger fish to fry than saving these salmon. Now, after six years of work with the Shei-Pa National Park, there are more than 15,000. 

Conservationists take salmon eggs and place them in special boxes which prevent predators from eating them. They are secured by placing stones on top, keeping them safe until the eggs can hatch. 

Shei-Pa National Park Deputy Director Chen Jun-shan (陳俊山) says the conservation program has included the release of 1000 fish into the rivers every year for three years. Eventually the populations reached a level where they were able to reproduce swimmingly. 

Both now and in the past, the salmon face risks such as overfishing and pollution. Solving these systemic issues may be a whole other kettle of fish, but for now these salmon won't have to worry about finding or losing a mate. After all, there’s plenty of other fish in this river.


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