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Society & Culture Island Adventures

Island Adventures

Take a trip throughout Taiwan's most well-known and hidden gems, from historical sites in the far reaches of the country to new urban hot spots.

What's On

14 August, 2022
Mountain villages of Hualien

Emma talks to Anusha Lee, the creator of the hiking blog "Taiwan Hikes", about how she got started on both her hiking and blogging journeys. Anusha sh ...more

07 August, 2022
Make your next trip a challenge

Sometimes when you're going on vacation, you're just looking for a place to lay back and relax... other times it's taking on a physical challenge that ...more

31 July, 2022
Must-do hikes in north Taiwan

Trsvel bloggers share some of their favorite trips in northen Taiwan. The island is covered in mountains with a wide range of elevations and sceneries ...more

24 July, 2022
Exploring the north, beyond Taipei

Taiwan's northern region is full of spectacular sights, beyond just the hustle and bustle within the capital city of Taipei. Today's episode features ...more

17 July, 2022
Tainan's best spots

Taiwan's oldest city is also home to some of its finest treasures. This episode features introductions to the western-style Chimei Museum, as well as ...more

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